MINI of Murray Supports Utah Public Schools

May 29th, 2020 by

This year, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and all major events being cancelled, students across the country missed out on traditional graduation ceremonies, academic honors ceremonies, and more.


Draper Park Middle School, just a 20 minute drive from MoM (possibly faster, if you’re in a MINI!), celebrates 11 out of 500 honored 8th grade students each year, who go above & beyond in achievements to win scholarships.  Usually, the students get to attend a dinner and awards ceremony, but this year, with social distancing in mind, the DPMS staff decided to arrange a driving parade.


MINI of Murray led the parade that stopped at each of the 11 honored DPMS students’ homes.  Our 2020 Convertible in Caribbean Aqua stood out as a symbol of success, fun, & freedom for the students and their families!  We had a great time celebrating the accomplishments of the Draper Park Middle School students (and their teachers!) and we look forward to participating in more Utah Public Schools events in the future.





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